May 18 - 20, 2019

Location: Selvey Park (home field)


Saturday: Practice: 12pm to 4pm

Optional 720-round: scoring starts at 2pm

Sunday: Double 720 round, practice at 9am, scoring to start at 10am

There will be a one-hour lunch break on Sunday between rounds (Concession available: menu to be posted one-week prior)

Monday: Double Elimination round: Recurve Set-Play, Compound Match-Play, Practice starting at 8:30am with first rounds to start by 9:00am.

We should be finished by 5pm on Monday. Potential weather delays could cause this time to be later--please plan accordingly.

Registration fee: $80.00 (+$20 if you wish to participate in the optional 720 on Saturday)

So that's 3 720 rounds and match-play for $100!

Registration Deadline: May 8, 2019                       Maximum 80 shooters

Registration Payment Options:
Competitor name:

Only registered for Canada Cup and now you want shoot the extra 720? No problem! Make your payment here.

Competitor name:

Rounds and divisions:

Compound: World Archery Registered 2 x 50m 720 Round. (Double 720)

Recurve: World Archery Registered 2 x 70/60m 720 Round. (Double 720)

Age Categories: Senior, Junior, Cadet, Master

Double Elimination Set/Match Play for everyone (no cut).

  • Senior/Junior combined
  • Cadet/Master combined

Barebow could compete with the Recurve division, Compound Unlimited/Fixed Pins could compete with the Compound division but would need to meet the rules for allowable equipment (bow weight, arrow size, etc).

See Rules WA 11.1 and WA 11.2 in the Archery Canada Rule Book.

Dress Code will be enforced. See AC Rule 20 of the AC Rule Book for full details. A brief summary can be found on the sidebar of the Registered Archers page.

As this is an Archery Canada sanctioned event, all Canadian competitors must be members-in-good-standing with Archery Canada and/or their Provincial Archery Associations. International athletes should be members of their national World-Archery-affiliated association.