Crossbows are not permitted to be used at our club.

I’ve never shot a bow before (Try-It Nights)

That’s okay, we’ve got you covered! We offer try-it nights several times a year, both indoor and outdoor. Click here to check available dates and sign up or Contact Us with any other questions, or to get your name on the list for future dates not yet listed.

Try-it events are $30 per person.

My child / teen would like to learn to shoot

We have coached juniors programs on Thursday nights both indoors through the fall/winter and outdoors in the spring. Contact Us to find out when the next intake is. Minimum age to start shooting with us is 9-years-old.

I’m not a Maple Ridge Archery Club member. Can I still shoot at the club?

We allow any BC Archery member to shoot at our club upon payment of a $10 drop-in fee, Thursdays and Sundays during the Indoor season, and on Thursdays only on JOP nights during outdoor season (May & June).

We allow non-members to participate (for a fee) up to 3 times before requiring the purchase of at least a BC Archery membership.

Non-members with their own equipment can pay a $15 drop-in fee (each visit, to a maximum of 3 visits). We welcome drop-in archers, however we ask you to send us a short email ([email protected]) letting us know that you will come.
If this is the 1st time shooting with us, please also let us know about your experience and what type of bow you shoot.

How long does my membership last?

The membership year coincides with the calendar year, however, new members joining in October to December will have their membership extended to December of the following year.
Summer memberships are valid for the Outdoor season only: May through September

How can I join the club?

Visit the membership page for more information.

How can I help? (seeking volunteers)

Volunteers are always needed! Big and small jobs are readily available, from arriving early to help set up the target butts, to showing up at a tournament to help set-up/take-down, helping kids score during an event, running a concession during a large event or at hot-dog nights, the list is endless. As little as a few minutes of your time is greatly appreciated and always welcomed.

What better way to learn about archery than to help out a few times and watch how much fun everyone is having–you’re bound to pick up a bow and join in!
Please approach any of our Directors or volunteers to offer your help.