these lists aren't meant as the be-all and end-all, or as the best in each category but should rather serve a starting point to get more information.


for beginners we always recommend to go to an actual shop rather than to buy online.
The staff at the archery shops are well experienced and can advise you what equipment suits your needs

Local stores:
Just Shooting Arrows - located in Surrey and North Vancouver
Boorman Archery - located in New Westminster

Online Stores:
Canada Archery Online (CA)
Lancaster Archery Supply (US)*
Alternative Sporting Services (GB)*

Please try to avoid buying archery products on Amazon or eBay. 1) These sites give nothing back to the community 2) They are full of knock-off products that not only hurt the original developer and manufacturer, but can also hurt you.

*you may have to pay duty and import fees

Useful Websites - lots of helpful articles for all levels of archers
BC Archery Association - promoting excellence in archery throughout BC
Archery Canada - our national sports organization
Bow International
- UK published archery specific magazine with lots of articles re. technique, equipment and history
Lancaster Archery
- aside from just shopping, it's also worthwhile to check out their blogs for helpful tips and tricks
Easton Archery - helpful tips all round arrows

YouTube Channels

want to learn something or get inspired? Check out these YouTube channels

NUSensei - David answers a lot of the questions people have about archery, incl. Why Are Archers Fat? or Is Archery a Sport? 🙂
No, seriously, he has a lot of helpful videos that address everything from eye-dominance to string-slap to equipment reviews.
World Archery - get inspired by how the pros shoot in the major tournaments.
Archery 360 - the YouTube channel of the Archery360 website, also with a lots of helpful tips and tricks.
Jake Kaminski - Jake is an olympian, who has been shooting since he's 6 yrs old - so, lots of experience and knowledge!
Archery Strong - Looking at archery specific strength training designed to relieve shoulder pain, prevent shoulder injury
Archery Mental Mastery - Yes! Archery is a mental game, too! (though mainly with yourself)


Easton Tuning Guide - Everything you ever wanted to know about optimizing how your arrows hit the target
Tips to Improve Your Accuracy - 20 useful tips

720 Outdoor Scorecards
JOP Indoor Scorecard
JOP Championships Scorecard