Maple Ridge Archery Club is happy to offer the JOP program as administered through BC Archery.

To participate in this program, youth aged 9 to 20 must be members of both Maple Ridge Archery and BC Archery.

Our coaches will instruct youth on proper form and execution, safety protocols, and basic equipment maintenance (like waxing your string!). Drills and scoring practice will assist youth in advancing through the award levels of the program, earning certificates for each level achieved. Archers will start out on the largest target (80cm) and work toward milestone scores, eventually moving to smaller targets: from 80cm to 60cm to 40cm, all shot at 18m. Each milestone score must be achieved twice before moving on to the next level. However, youth could move immediately to the next level if the score is achieved during a Championship tournament. To summarize, to move to the next level, you must achieve the score twice when shot at regular JOP nights, or once when shot at a Championship tournament.

Once you are a member of Maple Ridge Archery Club, no other fees are required unless you participate in tournaments (mail match, JOP Regionals, JOP Indoor Championships, JOP Outdoor Championships).

Equipment: It is recommended that youth use Club equipment until it is determined the size & type of equipment needed. This normally requires a month or two to establish comfort levels. Youth joining in October may use Club equipment through Christmas, and should acquire their own equipment for the new year. Youth joining in the new year may use Club equipment through the remainder of the indoor season. All youth must have their own equipment to participate in our outdoor season and for any events they wish to attend.

All youth should have their own arm guards and finger tabs, even if borrowing club equipment. These can beĀ purchased at a local archery shop or ordered online.

JOP is held on Thursday evenings: Indoors from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and Outdoors from 6:00pm to 8pm. See the Hours and Locations page for more details on dates and maps to the venues.